Silver Path is the path I build and leave behind by making silver jewelry. Silver Path Jewellery produces handmade jewelry from silver and related metals combined with precious and semi-precious stones. Besides generic jewelry, I make custom made unique jewelry.



My name is Nino Hiveš and I stand behind the brand called Silver Path Jewellery. After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts (sculpture), I started to combine sculptural knowledge with the skills learned in the department of Metal Design at the School of Applied Arts and Design.

The process of creating various shapes from metal is a sort of meditation to me. To every creation I approach with equal attention and I try to transfer my creative energy to every piece of metal I make.

I am inspired by nature because it is an inexhaustible source of interesting lines, structures and movements. I also find inspiration in unexpected places, which is the reason why I always carry pen and paper.

The shine of the metal, and the absence of it, different textures, precious and semi-presious stones, all of that I use as tools for my artistic expression. I think that every piece of jewelry that stands for itself has to have accentuation point balanced with the space and the surface it stands on. The sculptor in me is not limited with the thought of practical usage. After the idea is put on paper, I make a design and adapt it to be transform it into a wearable object.